When Is Legal Shooting Light for Deer in Arkansas

(v) You may install portable stalls and blinds 7 days before the sanctuary season and remove them from the waterfowl sanctuary before November 15, with the exception of stands used by quota game hunters, which you must remove before the last day of quota game hunting (see § 27.93 of this chapter). You must remove all grandstands on the rest of the shelter within 7 days of the end of the archery season (see § 27.93 of this chapter). (xiii) Accidental removal of feral pigs is subject to the regulations of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission regarding the removal of wild boar from state wildlife management areas (WMAs). Subject to government regulations, we allow accidental removal of wild boar during quota hunting in shelters during the day (without the use of dogs) and for a period of time during bow game hunting with legal hunting equipment and ammunition authorized for such hunts according to the seasonal dates specified in the refuge`s brochure for public use. There is no baggage limit. (vi) We only allow fishing in the Slough-Mud Slough Slough area from 1 November to 28 February with non-motorized boats and electric trolling motors; Fishermen can enter this area at 4am and must leave before 1 hour after the legal sunset. When hunting in Arkansas MGAs, different types of permits may be required, depending on the wildlife being hunted and the DMA you will be hunting in. For more information on permits that may be required, visit the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission website. (ii) The archery season in the North Unit runs from October 1 to January 31, except during muzzle-loading and quota game hunting when the archery season is over. (ix) You may use bicycles, horses and mules on ATV/UTV roads and trails (if open to motorized vehicles or ATV/UTV traffic) as a means of transportation for hunting and fishing activities at the refuge, except during quota deer hunting. (i) We allow hunting at the shelter during state seasons for this area for squirrels, rabbits and fur-bearing animals until January 31. Specific data on the hunting season are listed each year in the harvest brochure.

We close the upland game hunt during the refuge quota hunt. Deer hunters will find several public hunting opportunities, with several MAs offering excellent deer hunting opportunities in the state. The best courses include Piney Creeks WMA and Sylamore WMA. (vi) We allow the use of dogs to hunt fur wearers from legal sunset to legal sunrise. Hunters must tie or lock up all dogs used for fur hunting from legal sunrise to legal sunset and must at no time be involved in the actual hunt. Detailed information about chronic wasting disease in Arkansas can be found online at arkansascwd.com. The website also lists CWD testing sites, as well as veterinarians and taxidermists involved in sampling efforts. Hunters who are at least 16 years of age and have not received a hunter training certification may opt for a deferred hunter training code. A Deferred Hunter Education Code is a license that allows uncertified hunters to hunt legally in the state provided they: To be used for deer hunting, muzzle-loading rifles must have a barrel of 18 inches or more and be .40 gauge or higher.

Magnifying sights can be used. The use of shots is not legal. Legal muzzle magazines use flint, percussion cap, primer or electronic pulse, must have the ball loaded through the muzzle, and are unable to fire a cartridge. Hunters who cannot immediately verify their harvest online or by phone should mark their deer. The label must be filled in ink and include the hunter`s name, customer identification number, and the date and area where the harvest took place. Once the stamp has been properly filled, it must be securely attached to the carcass of the animal. The tag must remain in place until the deer can be properly inspected. iii) Hunters can enter the refuge from 4 a.m. With the exception of goose hunting applicable during the state conservation order, waterfowl hunters must leave the sanctuary by 1 p.m. All other hunters, including those hunting applicable goose species during the state conservation order, must leave the refuge no later than 1 hour after the legal sunset. Hunters who have caught a deer and have a phone signal can instantly check their deer online at agfc.com, by calling 877-731-5627 or via the AGFC module app.

Hunters can control their deer via the mobile app with or without a phone signal. The app automatically records the harvest as soon as the phone is back in range or in use. “It`s huge,” Stephens said. “It`s a tradition that goes back a long way before me. There`s football season and there`s deer season. Everyone in Arkansas is looking forward to both. (ii) We authorize muzzle-loading deer hunting during the first state muzzle loading season in this area. Government regulations apply to the corresponding areas.

(xi) We will close the Waterfowl Refuge Hunting Unit from November 15 to February 28 for all entries and hunts, except that quota hunters may hunt in this unit if the season coincides with these dates. This type of permit is available to residents of the state and allows its holder to take fur carriers, migratory birds, quail, rabbits and squirrels in addition to a deer. The license includes 1 deer tag. Arkansas has 20 deer hunting areas, and season dates and catch limits vary widely in each. Some areas do not open, as shown below. That said, for most hunters, the nationwide opening dates are: Archery season begins on September 24. The season for mouth chargers begins on October 15. Modern firearms season begins on November 12. Visit the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission website for specific dates and pocket limits for each area. (iv) We authorize the removal of black bears for archery and modern deer hunting, subject to applicable seasons and state regulations.

(iv) Hunters may only use shotguns with worms, handguns, handguns with barrel lengths greater than 4 inches, large-calibre air rifles and archery and crossbow equipment for modern hunting deer wines on Bison units, Core Waterfowl Area and Waterfowl Sanctuary Hunt. (iv) You must move or remove trotting lines when low water levels expose them. (v) You may only use portable stands of deer that have not been established by the opening day of the archery season, and you must use them no later than March 31. January of each year (see § 27.93 of this chapter). The limit is one stand of deer, blinds, etc., per person. (iv) We allow waterfowl hunting until 12:00. (noon), except that you are allowed to hunt applicable goose species during the state conservation order until legal expiration. Hunters of snipe, woodcock, rails, gallinules, crows and pigeons are allowed to hunt until the legal sunset.

Only shotguns (10 gauge and under) and archery equipment (including crossbows) are legal for turkey hunting. Shots greater than ordinary No. 2 firing are prohibited. Arkansas predicts that its modern cannon deer season will roughly coincide with the white-tailed deer rutting or breeding season. Rutting peak varies across the state, but by mid-November, rutting activity is expected to occur in every area of the state, Meeker said. (ix) We permit the accidental removal of beavers, muskrats, nutria, river otters, mink, bobcat, foxes, striped skunks and coyotes during any safe hunt with the legal weapons for such hunt, subject to the seasons and applicable state regulations. (ii) We allow hunting of quail, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and possums in shelters during state seasons until January 31. We close the upland game hunt while the hunt at refuge quotas.

iv) The total number of deer caught in the entire refuge is two deer (two deer or one male and one deer regulated by state law), regardless of the method. A deer must be harvested before a dollar. REMEMBER THAT HUNTERS MUST WEAR FLUORESCENT CAPS AND VESTS, AND MUST HAVE A PROPER HUNTING LICENSE AND TAGS. Hunters should also wear an ink pen and elastic band, length of thread or zipper so they can fill their tag and attach it to their deer before transport. Hunters born on or after January 1, 1969 must be trained as a certified hunter. Two legal turkeys, no jakes (see Statewide turkey bag limit for exemptions). Deer seasons in Arkansas are organized by “zone” and types of firearms. Seasons include archery, muzzle magazines, and modern weapon seasons.