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Although they are relatively new to the hemp industry, they have quickly made a name for themselves with attractive marketing and a range of sophisticated products. Bearly Legal doesn`t have a particularly strong brand image or mission statement, perhaps because the founder is also invested in a variety of other hemp companies. This indicates a clear lack of concentration. We analyze the products they offer, their best deals, where they excel, areas they fall short of, and alternative brands that should be considered instead. Bearly Legal has expanded its product selection quite quickly since entering the hemp scene. They have added HHC and THC-O products to their lineup for additional psychoactive options, and their Delta 8 catalog continues to grow. In addition to the above products, Bearly Legal also sells: Finally, the company name suggests that they comply with the legality of certain products, and their Delta 9 THC and THC-O products could create legal problems for their customers in the future. Bearly Legal manufactures a variety of products that contain hemp-derived cannabinoids that are legal nationwide. They mainly focus on delta 8 THC, but they also offer less common options, including THC-O, HHC, and hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. Early legal hemp.

Co. has a huge product library. Their indoor-grown hemp is perfect for brewing with Delta 8, and their CBD and CBN-infused Delta 8 moon rocks give you a powerful, comfortable punch that gently but firmly locks you on the couch. You`ll also find delicious Delta 8 rubbers and even Delta 8 Preroll Blunts covered in kief! This review covers everything you need to know about buying hemp products from Bearly Legal. Bearly Legal Hemp Co is located in Binghamton, NY. It was founded in March 2020 by Liam Burns, who also founded and runs HempWholesaler.com and a number of other hemp companies. Bearly Legal is a relatively new player in the hemp industry, founded by Liam Burns, a longtime cannabinoid advocate. Their brand image and mission statement are not strong. However, their marketing and packaging is attractive because they retain a colorful and fun look with a name and logo that convey a touch of rebellion and non-compliance. Bearly Legal Hemp Company offers an impressive selection of THC-O products, similar to Delta 8, that offer a powerful effect that many consider just as appealing as those caused by regular Delta 8, but much stronger. The company rightly notes that these products are fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, unlike the Delta 8 and Delta 10, which sometimes fall into a legal gray area.

The company`s most popular products are those infused with Delta 8; However, it prides itself on its status as a Class A+ indoor hemp producer, offering customers not only Delta 8, but other infused hemp products as well. It provides people with high-quality products made from broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum THC. All of Bearly Legal`s products are 100% derived from hemp and manufactured in cGMP, and the Company makes every effort to ensure that it complies with all laws of each relevant jurisdiction in which it sells its products. The Company also offers a selection of THC-O and HHC products, as well as THC delta-9 gummies derived from hemp (within legal limits). In addition, Bearly Legal often makes sales where clients can get up to 50% discount on selected products. Customers can also take advantage of an affiliate program where they can refer their friends and get special discounts and offers that they wouldn`t otherwise be able to take advantage of. With this program, they can also earn up to 30% on each conversion, which means they can get serious benefits if they manage to get multiple people to sign up to buy hemp products. The hemp industry is more important today than ever, so there is no shortage of brands for Delta 8 THC and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. If you are looking for alternatives to Bearly Legal, you should also look at the following companies. The company also fills each product with the highest quality 1ml all-ceramic cartridges, claiming that customers won`t find a better Delta 8 vape product on the market.

Such claims are often dubious, but Bearly Legal`s loyal clientele suggests that it has a very high quality product. Bearly Legal`s delta 8 THC hemp cigarettes are another bestseller. They come in convenient pre-rolled papers and provide 50 mg of Delta 8 THC and 50 mg of CBD respectively. They are a handy option if you want to access multiple cannabinoids in a single product. Legal penalty Hemp Co. consistently offers pure Delta-8 (and such) products with a bit of ironic marketing. Their hemp is grown indoors year-round, which helps their products increase quality, potency, and flavor. If you`re interested in prerolls but don`t want to tackle a huge blunt, then Bearly Legal Hemp Co. might have something for you.

They are one of the few brands that make Delta 8 hemp cigarettes (which are tobacco-free). You will also find a wide selection of vape carts and dabs, for those who want to avoid smoking but still want a big punch! As with any reputable pharmacy, Bearly Legal offers full transparency on what`s in its THC products. It has strict policies and procedures in place to ensure it meets all legal requirements for hemp-derived THC, which currently stands at a legal limit of 0.3% THC, as outlined in the Farm Bill, which was officially passed in 2018. Area 52 is currently one of the most popular Delta 8 companies on the market. You will find this brand all over the internet among the top-rated companies in its category. Bearly Legal`s Delta 8 vape cartridges are attractive to buyers because they are affordable and offer a discreet method of consuming Delta 8. Like any other CBD provider, Bearly Legal offers its clients a wide range of discounts. When you visit the company`s website for the first time, you have the option to spin a wheel, which gives you the opportunity to earn discounts ranging from 5% off your purchase to a whopping 25% discount on your purchase. Bearly Legal Hemp Co. provides consistently effective, lab-tested products that are exactly what Direct Delta 8 expects from our brand partners.

Although they have a huge catalog of product options, they make sure that each one meets their quality standards, making it easy for us to wear their products. The company`s mission statement and branding are unclear on its website, but the founder says the company exists to raise awareness of the many benefits of various cannabinoids. On the surface, there`s not much to complain about the Bearly Legal Hemp Company. Customers really seem to enjoy exploring the diverse selection of products – a unique assortment that is seemingly unmatched by many other suppliers on the market. Many suppliers who offer such a large selection of products often forgo quality. Still, it`s seemingly impossible to find significant bad reviews from unhappy customers. In fact, the majority of positive reviews rave about the products they bought, claiming that they have yet to find anything that rivals the quality of THC they bought from this company. Instead of sacrificing quality and consistency with countless product options and flavors, Finest Labs goes one step further with a relatively limited product selection to ensure the team remains heavily focused on making the best d8 products you can find online and locally. Bearly Legal focuses on Delta 8 products, including rubbers, disposable vaporizers, vaping cartridges, infused flowers and more. Their prices are reasonable, especially for the quality of the products, and they retain extremely positive reviews for taste and purity. If you want a top-of-the-line Delta 8, look no further than Area 52.

Finest Labs provides up-to-date third-party lab results for every product they sell, so you can check the potency and purity of the latest batches before purchasing. Other Delta 8 companies may have more attractive pricing or product options, but the care with which Finest Labs ensures the safety of their products for customers puts them ahead of the competition in the eyes of most buyers. Bearly Legal`s prices are quite competitive in all categories. These carts contain pure delta-8 distillate and a certificate of analysis. Unfortunately, the CoA in these cars is sometimes outdated, so buyers should check the updated lab results before buying.