White Case Legal 500

“Joanna Dimmock has unparalleled knowledge and experience in her field, which has taken her from the beginning to the end of the most high-profile cases.” “Arlene Hahn has been involved in the OEM Framework Agreement (MOEMA) almost from the beginning. She led meetings, took notes, translated our gossip into an understandable legal framework, recorded actions, and kept us focused. For several months and more than 80 contract reviews, she ensured that we stayed on track and got closer to the end goal. I assure you that this was not just a case of excellent “project management”. Although the complex project was expertly managed with many stakeholders, Arlene was also able to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders and ensure full satisfaction of those involved, which is rare with so many lawyers and salespeople. In addition, Arlene is the very rare lawyer who combines a deep understanding of clients` strategic objectives with the tactical ability to reflect this intuitively and comprehensively in the final agreement. I would not hesitate to recommend Arlene and her White & Case team to any company looking to outsource legal support for a technology transaction. “White & Case`s legal team is exceptional in clearly communicating legalese and events to clients from diverse backgrounds. In the practice of international trade, clients come from many parts of the world and their ability to translate not only the language but also the meaning is valuable.

“This is simply a first-class company with excellent legal and market knowledge.” “Erin McNamee`s unique skills help her excel in this unique area of law. Her experience in theater and her work in the D.C. Bar and LGBT legal community has helped her stay ahead of her work. Leveraging these experiences and community helps her deal with these complex and fluid issues without ever losing the subject of the case. “Charles Nairac has the ability to retain information and retrieve it at the right time, a pleasure when witnesses are cross-examined. Elizabeth Oger-Gross` legal knowledge in New York is exceptional, and her ability to engage the public in different ways to accommodate her legal knowledge is very compelling. “Lawyers, including Ingrid York, are very proactive and will not hesitate to call me to inform me about legal and market issues that may be of interest to me. So I get a very tailor-made service. The company consistently offers comprehensive, high-quality financial market advice and transaction management. “Unparalleled editorial skills and the ability to transform complex economic analysis into compelling legal writing.

Effective collaboration between the different country offices within White & Case. “It was great to work with all the team members throughout our file. The responsiveness of each is what strikes me the most. In addition, their ability to explain complex legal and business terms in a simple and understandable way makes working with them more efficient and productive. “We greatly appreciate the team working on our file, which has proven to be highly qualified, with strong expertise in both investment arbitration and EU law, efficient and committed over a long period of time. “We appreciate that they not only advised on legal and contractual issues, but also tried to understand the business issues as well as the points important to the client`s interests in the project, and offered practical solutions, including opportunities to mitigate risks. “Nathaniel Crowley and Ingrid York are brilliant lawyers with deep expertise in the legal world of capital markets and structured products. There was nothing I asked that they could not give me full legal advice. “The White and Case team is constantly looking for information, facts and ideas that could help our clients. They leave absolutely nothing to chance and spare no expense to identify every piece of useful evidence. They work very hard individually and also work well together by bringing together their complex cases and arguments in one unit.

White & Case LLP`s “highly skilled, efficient and dedicated” international arbitration lawyers regularly act on the world`s largest cases and are particularly strong in litigation involving large, complex infrastructure projects. This practice is also often involved in a large number of important investment treaty cases; And almost all of their partners, as well as several employees, appear as lawyers at the hearings. Phillip Capper and Aloke Ray QC co-lead the practice, which includes Mark Clarke, head of oil and gas disputes; Dipen Sabharwal QC, EMEA Dispute Resolution Officer for International Arbitration; Andrea Menaker, Co-Head of the London Investment Arbitrage practice; and Clare Connellan, Construction and Engineering Specialist. Other experienced partners include Paul Brumpton as well as David Goldberg and Julia Zagonek, who both divide their time between the London and Moscow offices. “They are proactive, highly competent and useful in assessing and mitigating legal risks, including on a transnational basis.” “We worked with the White & Case London Transport Finance and Leasing Practice team on aviation finance transactions, which were mainly donor financings. We worked primarily with Justin Benson (partner) and David Wright (partner) and a few other members of their aviation finance team. Our experience has been very positive. As a team, they have great attention to detail, provide in-depth analysis of legal issues and design with care.

We were particularly impressed with their ability to manage the complexities of transaction restructurings and related changes to existing documentation. They have a polite and humorous way of managing and negotiating cross-border transactions and following post-closing issues. It is a very good address for complex aviation financing issues. “White & Case is one of the most renowned law firms that provides exceptional services to its clients. They have industry-specific experts. They have a good knowledge of the Indian market and have been involved in various legal issues related to the Indian market. Its use of legal research and innovation tools makes it a leading law firm. I have always found his way of analyzing the law to find a commercial solution to the legal problem very useful and I have always appreciated it by the client. “Joanna Dimmock is a rising star with exceptional dedication to her clients` files. He can usually achieve the impossible.