Current projects

2017 – now :: Hi-Tech Solutions (acquired by Quest, US)

Hi-Tech Solutions provides industrial-grade car license plate recognition (LPR) and ANPR using modern CV, AI and ML technology.
We ported huge codebase (> 1M lines of source code) from Windows/Intel only to full cross platform solution (Windows/Linux, Intel/ARM).
We participating in improvement of company core products (including recognition engine).

Our role: Part of Core Engine development team, Part of Development team for other products

2016 – now :: Next generation smart wheelchair (Mobilis project)

Smart electric wheelchair is build around smart controller with extensible AI plugin modules. Controller link smartphone and all peripherals of the wheelchair and provides rich set of functions: remote control, obstacles avoidance, automated parking and many more

Our role: Electronics Engineering, Firmware development & Mobile app development

Recent projects

2012 – 2018 :: PlayPhone Inc, CA, USA (acquired by GungHo, JP)

Playphone operates mobile social game stores worldwide, with the vision of becoming the #1 game store for emerging markets. For game developers, Playphone offers a single integration SDK to launch and monetize games in the world’s fastest growing gaming markets and across the globe.

Our role: Developer portal development

2015 – 2016 :: DroneLock :: Secure radio communication link for drones

Allows to control you drone is secure way, using cheap COTS radio modules.
Technology licensed several drone production companies

Our role: Security architecture development, Firmware development

2014- 2015 :: Radarus :: Next generation mobile social network

Next generation social network provider for business customers with large userbases. Automatic transformation flat userbase to social network based on user’s actions (social network where “Add Friend button” is not need anymore). Social graph build based on BigData analyses in real time. Social platform API to create mobile and web social applications for rich user experience via SDKs for iOS/Android/HTML5, developer portal, REST API, web 2.0 front app).
Technology licensed to public digital entertainment company

Our role: Inventors and developers of whole thing from ground-zero

2009 – 2012 :: Casmul LLC, CA, USA (acquired by PlayPhone Inc, CA, USA)

Casmul as startup company developed MultiNet – Platform for social multiplayer games for Mobile and Desktop (iPhone, Android, Flash, HTML5, Adobe.Air). Cross platform gameplay, virtual economy, social networking, viral marketing, content discovery and delivery. After been proved market – successful, Casmul was acquired by PlayPhone Inc, CA,UA in 2012, less then 3 years after foundation! We proud been engineering center of the project since foundation.
High scalability architecture web+mobile application (>1M DAU)

Our role: Complete R&D and Engineering cycle, Deployment and Support (Web, Mobile)

Historical projects

2007-2009 :: VegaTest :: Personnel testing system for enterprise customers

Intranet-based solution for personnel testing for HR departments for Enterprise customers. Support for huge userbases. Allows easy new tests creation.

Our role: Product Development, Engineering, Deployment and Support

2003-2006 :: Ukrainian Digital Signature Certificate Authority

Full scale X.509 PKI Certificate Authority implementation based on Ukrainian National Act of Digital Signature. System deployed, Government accreditation approval received

Our role: Complete R&D, Engineering

2001-2009 :: VegaCard :: Payment card solution for bank – issuer

Payment card accounting solution for banking industry. Enterprise application that supports all operation related to payment card emission, accounting and related credit / deposit products.

Our role: Product Development, Engineering, Deployment and Support

1995-2001 :: SmartBank :: Enterprise banking application

Core banking automation enterprise application, more then 500+ systems deployed in one of largest Ukrainian bank. One of the first real-time banking applications in Ukraine.

Our role: Product Development, Engineering, Deployment and Support

Open source initiatives

Some projects implemented by the company team or team members are published as open-source, just to name a few:

  • NanoWin32 Win32 API subset implementation via POSIX (MSVC Windows apps migration to GNU C Linux)
  • WebChm Support for online view of extracted Windows chm help files as html via web browser
  • BatArt Command .bat files and .bat to .cs hybrids (the .bat files written on CSharp that auto compiles and runs)
  • RawCanvas Lightweight web application framework for modular applications (with CyberAvia group)
  • RockJs Lightweight web application framework for modular applications (next generation of RawCanvas)
  • NNCPP Simple Self-Contained Neural Network toolkit written on C++ (useful as a sample or tutorial)
  • NNJS Simple Self-Contained Neural Network toolkit written on JavaScript (useful as a sample or tutorial)
  • ImageRotation Fast Image Rotation algorithms. Playground for studying and implementing fast image rotation and scale algorithms (with reasonable complexity)
  • JOggVorbis Android compatible Ogg audio encoder